SS-Panzer and Assult Uniforms.


These uniforms are as close as genuine you get! If you want TOP quality to low price you should try one of these. These are not mass-produced, it’s made very few of each by

All are in size "Large" and "Extra-Large",

Large approx: Chest 111cm(44"),Waist 91cm(36")  Extra-Large: XL=Chest 116cm(46"),Waist 96cm(38"). All uniforms are adjustable often with waist belt(both on tunic and trousers) and ankle cord, so normally you can adjust it pretty much to fit!

"The most successful tank commander in history" 1. SS-Panzer Division Leibstandart-SS "Adolf Hitler"!

1. SS-Panzer Division Leibstandart-SS "Adolf Hitler". 100 % SS-Obersturmbannführer
J. Peiper Uniform

SS-Oberstrumbannführer, 5. SS-Division "Wiking" Uniform.

Very good autentic repro of a SS-Untersturmführer Uniform in 3. SS Panzer Divison "Totenkopf".

Unbelievable good authentic repro of both Tunic and Trousers of "SS-Erbenmuster" Uniform!

Unbelievable good authentic repro of both Tunic and Trouses of a SS- Obersturmführer in 11. SS Nordland.

SS-Obersturmführer in "Steingrau" wool. "Das Reich"